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  Are you looking for advice, tips and resources on marquee structures?
The contents on this hub page are articles curated and created by our experienced and accomplished in-house team of business consultants.

Top 10 Marquee Advice Topics.

  1. Uneaven Ground Install.
  2. Colour Scheme.
  3. Choosing Structures.
  4. Establishing Seating Plan.
  5. Right Heating Set Up.
  6. Tunnel Coverage To Buildings.
  7. Enough Toilet Provision.
  8. Winter Planning.
  9. Multi Surface Installation.
  10. Equipment Maintenance.

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Latest Marquee Advice Posts

Marquee Cleaning Cost Comparison
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Take a look at this marquee cleaning cost comparison & set your long term maintenance program. Marquee cleaning is an unavoidable, ongoing operational expense...

Frame Marquee hire Price Calculator
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How Selmore set out and accomplished the publishing of a UK online average, frame marquee hire price calculator? What good is frame marquee hire price calculator anyway? I suppose it depends whose prices are published. What if I were to tell you that we have published an average of all of the main frame marquee… View Article...

Stretch Tent Setup Video
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Ever wanted to see what a stretch tent setup looks like in motion picture? Take a look at this video montage from Freeform. Collaboration makes for a sweeter finish. This stretch tent setup leads by...

Marquee Cleaning Machine: How Do They Work?
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The use of marquee cleaning machines is now a standard practice for many hire firms seeking a quick and professional turnaround Whilst there are a variety of methods for cleaning PVC marquee covers, a marquee cleaning machine...

Marquee Cleaning Detergent
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Marquee cleaning detergents are rumoured among many online industry forums, but a specialist product surely can’t be compared… Marquee canopies and linings are specialist materials, which likewise require...

Professional Advice For Hosting Your Own Marquee Event


Like with any disicpline, getting the most out of hosting a marquee event takes a great deal of consideration and indeed collaboration with multi-talented teams of professionals. Pulling together the various elements and deriving the best results from all parties involved takes studious oversight and management.

The aim of this marquee advice resource is to bring to your attention the most relevant aspects of marquee event management, raising your acumen to tackle the task with great achievement.

The advice given in this resource is not particular to any one provider, product or service which we hope gives you a diverse arrangement of content without partiality for the purpose of helping you plan and deliver the most enjoyable marquee event.

Download our marquee hire site visit templates for laying a sound operational foundation for erecting your event marquee safely.

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