A Comprehensive List of Marquee Accessories

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Marquee accessories are the ideal way to apply a personal touch to your outdoor event...

A comprehensive array of marquee accessories can be used by planners and organisers alike as a reliable quality marker for what could be termed a 'good marquee hire company'.

The more varied and complete the range of add-ons for a given marquee structure, as offered by a hire company, the greater the investment they have taken to enhance their clientele's event experience.

What does this mean for event planners and organisers?

As an event planner or organiser, your attention to detail will go a long way to establishing your unique signature upon every event commission you receive.

No matter how small the event, the value added to the end user (even utilising the most minuscule element of service provision) should reflect a wholehearted investment of personal excellence by you.

Marquee hire is one such type of event where there is wide scope for administering lots of little diligent touches of care, which cumulatively make for some of the most grand event openings, for either private or corporate event hosting.

The blank canvass of an event marquee provides much room for exercising artistic license, especially at the level of accessories.

What kind of marquee accessories should be typically available when working with most marquee hire companies?

Marquee hire companies are very different one to another.

For a start, a marquee is not a definitive product by name, but rather the word describes a broader category of temporary event structures ranging from garden gazebos to semi-permanent, multi-level grandstand structures.

Each structure will have it's own proposed benefits, as well as draw backs, clearly built for the purpose of appealing to a certain type of event audience.

Marquee accessories are not entirely dictated by the structures they accompany. Having said that, a certain type of marquee might commonly be known to work better with certain kinds of accessory, rather than others.

A contributing factor to the breadth of marquee accessories used by any one marquee contractor will be the capital investment policy within their financial business modelling.

Where the desire to offer a wealthier spread of accessory options to clients, marquee hire companies will also need the availability of funds to acquire stock.

Once new stock is bought this just increases the ways in which they can solve customer design problems.

Where can planners and organisers go to find the best visual ideas for accessorising marquee installations?

That's simple, Pinterest.Pinterest Marquee Accessories

For those who don't know...

As a social media channel, it feeds entirely on images which curators can collate into boards of ideas. Each image becomes 'pin-able' and therefore shareable online.

Wherever 'pin-able' images are posted - whether it be on your own website or other sites, blogs or digital online real estate, you can give internet readers the option to pin, or share, your published image.

If you are looking for some stunning design examples...

Since its commencement and launch in March 2010, Pinterest has been heavily utilised by all kinds of 'design related' professionals.

As a matter of course, Pinterest has rapidly become popular with event planners and organisers for publishing custom idea boards, made for the purpose of helping their clients 'better visualise' their planned event.

Pinterest suffices a digital scrapbook of ideas for marketing your event business.

What do you get if you couple...Pinterest with marquee accessories?

Take a look at what we found on our journey to consolidate the online marquee accessory marketplace's digital idea boards...

The following is a list of common marquee hire accessories with some examples of course:

  • Marquee Lighting [Example: County Marquees Pinterest Board]
    Marquee Accessories By County Marquees

    Click Here To Visit County Marquees Pinterest Board with Marquee Lighting Ideas

    • The type of marquee lighting is highly varied these days. The choice of lighting solution will be largely dependent on the kind of ambience you want to present to your event guests. Directional lighting vs. general lighting, or external vs. internal lighting are just among the options which if chosen carefully, could enhance the atmosphere & dimension of the event, from sober to the dramatic:
      • Rustic candle light
      • Festoon lights
      • Chandeliers
      • Spot lighting
      • Uplighting
      • Lanterns
      • Lacy lampshades
      • Laser
      • Sparklers
      • String lights
      • LED Cordless
      • Flood lighting
      • Burlap light sack
      • Curtain lighting
      • Edison blub
      • Marquee letter signage
      • Centre piece lighting


  • Marquee Flooring [Example: Connecta-Floor Pinterest Board]
    Marquee Accessories by Connecta-Flooring

    Click Here To Visit Connecta-Floor Pinterest Board with Marquee Flooring Ideas

    • Marquee flooring is not just a functional addition, but rather if applied with the expertise and design sensibility of a seasoned marquee hire contractor, it can provide great scene setting, artistic impression. Thematically, the flooring scheme can bring to the fore the chosen concept of your event very effectively and at very little relative investment cost compared with your overall event budgetary spend.
      • Raised wood panelling, cassette flooring system
      • Pearl teak
      • Black painted shutter ply
      • Savannah laminate floor
      • Astro turf
      • High Gloss (red, silver etc...)
      • Bright green felt
      • Vinyl (pastel rainbow, faux wood etc...)
      • Vinyl adhesive decor (e.g. bespoke monogram)
      • Decking
      • Iridescent, glass mosaic tile
      • Red carpet


  • Marquee Heating [Example: Curlew Pinterest Board]
    • Marquee heating is achieved by portable heating units which each offer their own unique benefits. Most popular for general ambient heating within marquee structures are portable indirect gas fired heaters. They usually are positioned externally to the marquee itself for ventilation purposes and the heat is fed into the marquee by duct hoses via vents. For more direct heating of specific areas or guest groups, electric radiant heaters are preferred. Heating systems are advised to be thermostatically controlled for consistent room temperatures. (Be sure to read our advice on how to calculate your marquee heating requirements.)
      • Portable indirect gas fired heater...
        • ducts
        • hot air diffusers
        • covers
      • Radiant heaters


  • Wedding Marquee Furniture [Example: Hatch Marquees Pinterest Board]
    Marquee Accessories by Hath Marquees

    Click Here To Visit Hatch Marquee Pinterest Board with Marquee Furniture Ideas

    • The old adage, "...becoming part of the furniture" isn't deemed the most enthusing statement colloquially and therefore shouldn't be used in relation to the rather innovative category of marquee furniture. With the plaudits that the artistic discipline of interior design receives in this modern era, it seems in comparison unequal to withhold from marquee furniture contractors the same recognition for their design-related exploits...just because they are of a more temporary nature. From custom one-off pieces to ready-made, ornate decorative highlights - marquee furniture is a very effective scene setting tool for marquee hire planning.
      • Tables
      • Chairs
      • Coloured linens
      • Chesterfield sofas
      • Rattan furniture
      • Parasols
      • Blackboards
      • Tablescapes
      • Streamers
      • Decorative seating plans (chalkboard, window pane)
      • Fine paints and wallpapers
      • Bunting
      • Lecterns
      • Archway
      • Potted plants


  • Marquee Floral Arrangements [Example: Rachael 1962 Pinterest Board]
    • Marquee floral arrangements are often the central focus of natural beauty at marquee weddings... besides the bridegroom, his bride and their guests, of course! These enhancements come in so many shapes, sizes, colours and genus varieties that it's impossible to really benchmark any particular standard of decorative flowers for marquee events. But to help you make a sound decision for floral event design, why not take a look at the following ideas:
      • Ball of meadow flowers
      • Candelabra arrangement
      • Summer flower explosions
      • Garlands
      • Floral hair design
      • Bouquets
      • Boutonniere
      • Flower favours
      • Centrepieces
      • Pom pom garlands
      • Floral archways


  • Marquee Drapes [Example: Fabric Theatre Pinterest Board]
    Marquee Accessories by Fabric Theatre

    Click Here To Visit Fabric Theatre Pinterest Board with Marquee Drape Ideas

    • Well-set marquee drapes grant dramatic geometric accentuation to the whole event designscape. With a variety of arrangements including billowing ruffles and prestigious pelmets, marquee drapes are a statement upholstered solution for instantly increasing luxury feel within your marquee installation. Coupled together with complimentary lighting features, interior structural pieces like poles etc... marquee decor needs not much else above the floor level to give maximum aesthetic impact, other than a grand drape arrangement.
      • Draping to segregate areas
      • Drapes to reinforce colour scheme
      • Drapes for grand entrances
      • Cascading fabric archway
      • Illuminated draping
      • Multi-coloured strips
      • Silk ceiling decorations
      • Chiffon ceiling decor
      • Pleated ballroom drapes
      • Bowed ceiling canopy

Looking for a little professional help with your marquee hire design?

If you don't know of any locally, or regionally recommended marquee hire companies and would like some informed direction, Selmore Marquee Hire would be all to happy to help you with the leg work.

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