Most Common Marquee Hire Problems

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Common Problems With Marquee Hire

So what are the common marquee hire problems? This post is designed to save you the loss of making mistakes

Common marquee hire problems are entirely unavoidable with a bit of prep.

Marquee events are statement occasions and especially with such a high profile with the daring to go outdoors, it is always a shame when one or other unsuspecting, adverse happening tarnishes the shine.

With a little bit of thought and of course, valuable experience, even the most green event organisers can weed out those potential problem areas well in advance.

With temporary event structures, there is broad scope for risk.

Marquees are short term buildings, erected within relatively short time spans (compared with permanent building projects), upon grounds which may not be entirely familiar to the crew involved and with a purpose to accommodate a diverse host of guests of a certain number, with varying needs.

There are just some of the complexities involved with planning marquee events. But it would an unwieldy task to articulate every feasible aspect of planning and delivering a marquee party which could lead to a problem in one way or another.

So, if we can't circle every pothole...what are at least the most common marquee hire problems?

Consider the following to be a simple set of guidelines which are shared to help you eliminate much of the risk involved in outsourcing a contractor to deliver a marquee installation:

  • "An inexperienced marquee hire contractor"
    • Be choosey about who you hire. A reliable marquee hire contractor is more qualified than just a weekender man and van with a spare garden tent stored in a garage or local lock-up. Not knocking anyone starting out their business that way, but if you want to ensure the safety and quality of your marquee event guests, then request some evidenced collateral, as well as proof of competency.
  • "Ill-prepared winter marquee plans"

    • Marquees can feasibly and comfortably provide an enjoyable, UK winter temporary outdoor event venue, if done correctly. Structures with built-up, reinforced sides and well sealed doors are best for keeping out uncomfortable draughts.
    • Heating is also a key factor to get right with a winter marquee installation. From a safety point of view, temporary, low ventilated, enclosed spaces are hazardous if combined with cheap, direct fuel burning heaters which kick out dangerous carbon monoxide emissions. Also, from an effectiveness point of view, ensuring your heat is dispersed equally throughout the structure - avoiding cold spots for guests is something you'll want to get right.
  • "Miscalculating your marquee size"

    • Guest numbers and proportionate marquee space estimations are important. If you plan to use your event space for a diversity of purposes such as, dance floor, seated dining, cloakroom, toilets etc. then a prudently planned layout will ensure your guests have the liberal utility of the space.
    • Too little room and not only could conditions become noticeably cramped, but also potentially dangerous with a minimum recommended quota of fire exits per certain number of guests.
    • Too much room or disproportionate elongation of structure (length which is more than 3x the width in dimension) and this could induce the wind-tunnel effect, sapping the ambience of your event.
  • "Installing a marquee on sloped ground without correction"
    • This is a common occurence, as often the grounds for installing marquees are either on a continual gradient, or riddled with undulations which require a more complex set of problem solving skills, than is needed for laying down matting or carpeting.
    • Raised flooring systems are the overcoming of this issue, expertly. Such flooring systems are typically built upon aluminium joists, and are overlaid with wooden boards for a flawless, providing an entirely flat surface - masking the slope of none effect to your guests delight.
  • "Not accounting for high wind speeds on the days of use"

    • With temporary, fabric covered event structures wind risk needs to be managed carefully. Proper precautions ought to be put in place for avoidance of structural damage or even collapse at the occurence of strong winds. Even whilst anchored into the ground at many locations with all exits sealed, marquees have still been known to blow over if the gusts are strong enough. Keep an eye on the weather report and plan safety measures accordingly. In some cases, even abandonment of the event could be necessary.
  • "Choosing a structure and design of tent which was misaligned with purpose & situation"

    • Marquee, is a general category term for a temporarily built/erected canopy. The variations on the theme are plentiful. Each type of marquee structure has its own unique benefits and drawbacks for use. As with any other type of project, playing to strengths goes a long way.
    • Contractors tend to specialise in hiring only one type of structure, albeit across a few sizes. If your previous tent rentals experience is limited, keep a broad mind before jumping in and also do your homework to identify possibilities within your marketplace.

Do you have any experience with marquee hire? Feel free to share any informed advice below.

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